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General information

What is StudyHomeworkHelp?

StudyHomeworkHelp is an online service designed to help students get answers to their questions, deal with assignments, and correct their grades. Students will find solutions to all of their academic problems on our service, which consists of experienced experts. You will receive quality, correct, and timely solutions.

What is the tuition fee structure for customers at StudyHomeworkHelp?

StudyHomeworkHelp has a flexible payment structure where students should pay for the order as they place it. The fee for each order usually depends on the topic chosen, the complexity of the assignment, and the deadline.

How can I be sure that the assignment I receive is correct?

StudyHomeworkHelp only hires trusted experts with deep subject matter knowledge. Our writers double-check the assignments before sending them to ensure they are correct.

Ordering information

How to get help?

It’s quite simple. You simply need to submit your order with your requirements. After that, you need to make the payment. We will find the most suitable expert to deal with your order. He or she will send the completed assignment to you. You need to check it and ask for a revision if necessary. If everything suits you, don’t forget to evaluate the expert’s work. 

Can I order several assignments?

Of course, we encourage students to order as many assignments as they prefer to improve their learning. However, each assignment should be presented in a separate order. 

Will I be able to get a completed assignment in the near future?

We understand the importance of sending the completed assignments as soon as possible. All of our dedicated experts are very sensitive about on-time delivery. Therefore, we guarantee to provide the completed assignments on time or before the deadline specified by you. According to the complexity of the assignment, you can get urgent assistance in some cases. Invariably, we will try to provide you with help as soon as possible.

Can you help with an exam?

While we cannot help you with an exam, we can help you to be prepared for it. Our experienced experts can provide you with 100% solved problems and assignments to help you prepare for the exam. 

Information about customers’ safety

Is my personal information protected?

Yes, all of our customers are provided with full security of their personal information. Your data is safe with us, and you are provided with confidentiality. In addition, we use a secure encrypted connection. We are not going to store your personal information if we no longer need it.

Is using StudyHomeworkHelp a scam?

No, getting help from StudyHomeworkHelp is not considered a scam. We offer assistance to help you get better results in studying. This is by no means a hoax. We aim to assist your understanding of concepts and provide solutions on time. In addition, all of our assignments are free of plagiarism and should be used as samples only.

Other information

Are your experts qualified?

All of our writers are experts from all over the world. They have knowledge in their field and a wealth of professional experience. Our experts undergo rigorous background and knowledge monitoring to make sure you receive assistance from qualified experts.

My assignment is incorrect, what to do?

We make sure that solutions are correct when presented to our customers. All of our experts have a wealth of subject matter experience, and it is very unlikely that you will get an incorrect assignment. However, if you believe that the assignment you received is incorrect, you can ask the expert for a revision. He or she will do the necessary corrections. 

Is StudyHomeworkHelp a free service provider?

No. We do our best to keep our prices low, but our assistance is not free. We need to reward our specialists for their time and efforts, so we charge a fee for the services rendered. However, there is no registration fee and you only pay for the orders you place.